The success of D-Camp doesn’t only depend on the speakers, seminars, or worship band, but also the involvement of youth pastors and leaders throughout the year. We want to put the tools into the students’ hands, but we need the help of the local church to continue to encourage use of those tools.

We would greatly appreciate your help at D-Camp but we understand that not all can attend. If you are interested in serving on staff with us, please complete the online staff application form (no login required). Spots are limited and counselors are prioritized so please make sure you submit your application early. However, even if you can’t attend, rest assured ou still have a role to play at D-Camp. There are a few things you can help us with that will greatly benefit your students.

Review student answers

We have the students fill out a questionnaire every year, and these answers get saved to their account on this site. What we would like, especially for the younger students, is for you to fill it out with them, allowing you to answer any questions they may have along the way. For example, we ask them to give a quick testimony of how they came to Christ and many times we get answers like, “in Sunday school,” “at youth group,” or “at camp.” We don’t necessarily need to know where but more so the circumstances of what God was doing in them. Also, we ask you to review their answers in case you see any inconsistencies that need to be addressed.

Make recommendations

Due to the intimate, intentional discipleship that occurs at D-Camp, we need to know what has happened in the teen’s life throughout the past year, and therefore require a recommendation for all students from their youth pastor/leader. This recommendation form is automatically e-mailed to the youth leader after a student registers for D-Camp. To effectively pour into the students, we need to know things that we can’t possibly know as well as you, their youth leader. We ask for honest evaluations, especially once a student has begun the program. If you have seen growth in the student and feel they should go from D-1 to D-3, for example, please give specific reasons for this evaluation. At the same time, if you have seen no growth or a decline in the students walk, we encourage you to recommend that they repeat a certain level. The youth pastor recommendation is essential to what God is going to do at D-Camp.

Follow up

We also want to follow up after the retreat is over to share with you any commitments or breakthroughs that God has brought them to in their life. Many times God does amazing things in the lives of the students at D-Camp and when they return home they feel like they are alone, so to help them stay strong with decisions they have made we would like to include you.