Do I have to start D-Camp in 7th grade or can I start late?

We do recommend that you start d-camp in 7th or 8th grade so that by the summer of your graduation you will have completed all of D-Camp. However, you can start at any point and we will work with you and your youth leader to determine which level to place you in. That includes The option of customizing a seminar schedule that is most relevant to where you are at in your spiritual walk.

How will D-Camp be different this year in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic?

Due to the continuing COVID-19 situation in New York State and around the country, D-Camp 2020 will be held online for the very first time this year, during the week of August 10-14. Video seminar and forum sessions will be hosted on Multipliciter, while Zoom will be used for Q&As and other interactive sessions. A complete session schedule can be found here, and students can begin their D-Camp journey by creating an account on our site. This lets them access D-Camp sessions on Multipliciter, take their personal assessments, and keep track of their spiritual journeys during D-Camp and throughout the year.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our leadership team here.