D-Camp is a 5 year journey designed to lead students into a deeper walk with Christ by enriching their faith with practical teaching, powerful worship, and authentic community. This progressive experience is open to all students entering 7th-12th grade with the intention of empowering the Church of today. D-Camp has been where God has revealed His love, promises, and grace to raise up future pastors, missionaries, and lay leaders, and exists to further teens’ walks with God and to develop godly men and women of influence.

Our journey this year will take place from Sunday, August 1 to Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at Chambers Camp in Beaver Dams, NY, and costs $150 per student. Check out the full schedule.

Our theme this year is ‘Image’. We all face the battles, pressures, and demands of image. Very few get through those unscathed, and in the pursuit of or fleeing from image we can lose sight of the power in Imago Dei. We are made in His image. We are made in the image of Holiness, Love, Victory, and Mercy. The goal of D-Camp 2021 is for the Holy Spirit to liberate and establish the truth of the question: What are you made of?

The crux of D-Camp is that students will be split into five different levels and equipped with the tools, confidence, and understanding to continue to live as disciples when they return home. Each level engages in 5 breakouts created to enlarge their picture of God, their identity, and their purpose. Also, each level goes through a forum with the purpose of expanding the students understanding of their identity in Christ. Those who are entering 7th grade or have been a Christian for a year or less will start the program at The “Foundations” level which will guide the students through what a biblical disciple is. Obviously we encourage campers to start young enough to finish the hole program because of the impact D-Camp has on young Christian lives. 40% of teens that have completed the program have either gone on to full-time ministry, whether vocational or as committed lay leaders in the local church.


  • Grace
  • Abiding
  • Being Mentored
  • The Church
  • Testimony
  • Forum: Passions


  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Intentionality (Growing)
  • The Word
  • Ambassador
  • Forum: Personality Profile


  • Perseverance
  • Intercessory
  • Transparency
  • The Call
  • Missional Living
  • Forum: Spiritual Gifts Test


  • Holiness
  • Prayer & Fasting
  • Be a Mentor
  • The Battle
  • Leadership
  • Forum: APEST


  • Systematic Theology and Apologetics
  • Forum: Enneagram

D-4 analyzes basic doctrines of the church that are essential, regardless of denomination, but also discusses the doctrines of the Wesleyan church. We take a look not only at the Wesleyan views on doctrine but also other doctrinal points of view to get the teens to think through their theology. We don’t want the students to believe what they believe because we tell them; instead, we want to encourage them to dig into the scriptures and start to form a biblical view of who God is. Discussions are group format and practical to everyday life. Students in this level have an extended time of devotional reflection and spend Tuesday afternoon doing a service project. D-4 is for students that not only have the recommendation of their Youth Pastor/Leader but have completed the requirements listed below:

  • Begin tithing.
  • Be involved in a ministries within your local church.
  • Help in the planning of a major church event.
  • Attend one Local Board meeting at your church.

We rely heavily on the Youth Leaders recommendation to determine in which level the student should be placed. In regards to placement we don’t really care if they know how to define the title of the seminar or if they’ve recently been taken through a message series on the topic (both good things); rather, we want to know if they are living it out, whether they’ve applied it, whether they are wrestling with how to practically understand it, etc.