Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we will be holding D-Camp in an online format this year. This will consist of pre-recorded teachings, live Q&A sessions, and practical tools to equip you to live out your faith even after D-Camp ends.

We are pleased to be able to offer D-Camp at no cost this year, and although we are not meeting in person, we are encouraging youth groups to take the journey together. We will need all students to register online and complete the assessment, pastoral recommendation, and questionnaire by August 7, 2020.

The other major change to D-Camp this year is that it will run from Monday-Friday, again due to the pandemic. This change was made to spread out the teachings and to allow people to truly retain what the Lord is stirring in them. Although we are not meeting in person, we expect all participants to create space in their schedule as if you were attending the seminars, forums, and rallies in person.

Dates: August 10-14, 2020

Cost: FREE


“Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ to further the faith of God’s chosen ones and their knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness-“ Titus 1:1

In the first verse of the book of Titus, Paul makes two declarations that we believe are crucial to the life of a Christ follower. The cheapening of these two declarations can turn the privilege of being the Hands and Feet of Jesus into nothing more than social club with an agenda. Yet, if we can take the uniformed and further their awareness of these two declarations, we will see a movement of the Spirit that this world is so desperately longing for. These declarations are not of political nature. They are not based on opinion or preference or tradition or majority. They are not undermined by inadequacy, mistake, or the opinions of others. They are not qualified by an educational institution, human consent, or a title. They are powerful, authoritative, and Spirit-led. So, what are these two declarations that would further the Kingdom IF we would simply live by them?

Identity and Purpose.

Identity starts with an introduction. That might seem insignificant to you because it’s something we do everyday, but this wasn’t just Paul stating his name. He was declaring his identity. Think about that. I know we are talking about outdated technology, but if you were to write a letter to a friend, how would you introduce yourself? How would you describe your identity in Christ? Paul says, I’m a servant and an apostle of God, he is declaring “I do God’s work, wherever God sends me.”

To see yourself as a doer of God’s work is imperative, but it’s more than that. God is a God of accomplishment. He doesn’t just try, He succeeds, and that same power that raised Christ from the dead dwells in us so that we also become vessels of accomplishment. We do not “try-hard”, we are not busy bodies, we are not doers of church tasks. No, we are servants created in Christ Jesus to accomplish His work.

To see yourself as one that is sent by God is also imperative, but it’s even more than that. He doesn’t just send us to a building of worship, He sends us out to be His ambassador, to represent Him. I love that word ambassador because it insinuates that we are sent by His authority WITH His authority. That He gives us Kingdom jurisdiction wherever we find ourselves. This summer at D-Camp we are going to further your understanding of your Identity in Christ.

Purpose is two-fold: direction and influence. Where am I going and what am I accomplishing? Paul tells us he is going to God’s people to instill Christ likeness. How would you describe your purpose? For far too many Church-goers chalk up their purpose to walking into a building once a week, singing a few songs, and hearing a nicely presented monologue. That is not your purpose.  Notice Paul’s purpose wasn’t to save souls. It wasn’t to invite. It wasn’t to watch. It was to further faith and further godliness. It was to lead people into a practical sense of faith, obedience, and trust. He wanted them to make decisions, make sacrifice, and make efforts strictly with the belief that their action would honor God. Paul didn’t just want them to be able to answer Bible Trivia, He desired to see them manifest the Word. Imagine if our churches, our pastors, our congregations operated under that purpose? This summer at D-Camp we are going to further your purpose by reinforcing your faith and giving you the tools to live a godly life.

The world doesn’t need more people declaring Jesus loves them while they withhold their love. The world doesn’t need more people declaring Jesus saves while they indulge in sin. The world doesn’t need more people declaring Jesus is the Way while they go their own. The world doesn’t need more people declaring Jesus is the Life while not giving Him control of theirs. What the world needs is for the truth of Jesus to go further than our bible studies, Sunday Services, and social media posts. What the world needs is for us to go further in our identity by going further into His presence. What the world needs is for us to go further in our purpose by going further with His authority.

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