D-Camp is a 5 year journey designed to lead students into a deeper walk with Christ by enriching their faith with practical teaching, powerful worship, and authentic community. It happens every August and is open to all students entering 7th-12th grade with the intention of empowering the Church of today.

Thank you to everyone who attended D-Camp 2021! We hope you enjoyed your experience and were able to connect with Christ on a deeper level and dive into this year’s theme, which was ‘Image’. Is anything more celebrated, critiqued, or concentrated on than the impression we present to those around us? There is an image we put on, whether a style we embrace or an attitude we carry, all crafted for people to see what we want them to. However, more important than the image we put on is the image that was put on us. The Imago Dei, the image of God. When these two images correspond with each other we find our authentic self. D-Camp 2021 is all about being released from the pressures of projecting a certain image and learning how the image of God transforms us into His likeness.